Roblox 2013

Roblox Top 5 games



5th place

Marchen Adventure Cotton 100 % ( Super Famicom ) : Released only in Japan , 100 % Cotton follows the style shoot’n up ( game navinha ) horizontal . You control a witch ( which includes several ” fairies ” , acting as the ” Option” from Gradius ) that need to destroy the enemies that appear before you. The game is graphically beautiful and has a very fluid gameplay and reveals itself as a pearl that just came out in the unknown land Nipponese . For those who like the genre , it’s worth taking a look a chance.


4th place

Rendering Ranger R2 ( Super Famicom ) : The idea of a platform shooter game with rendered graphics in the style of Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct sounds interesting ? At the end of 1995 , in Japan , went Rendering Ranger R2 , a game that has more or less this premise . The game is kind of a mix with Contra III Super Turrican , without much exaggeration, since the game is really good . He alternates between platform and shoot’n up during the phases. It was one of the games that took advantage of the Super Famicom hardware , worth checking into an opportunity , even if the original version has a price and salty …


3rd place

Soldiers of Fortune : This here is a game that calls attention to the fact need necessarily be played in two players … If you are alone, your companion is a CPU that I particularly found with an AI too low . Playing with a vision in the style of the first GTAs , your goal is to kill monsters and retrieve a given number of bases per phase . It is a cooperative game obscure and fun if you have someone with whom to play , is a good thing , for a change of gambles classic Top Gear , Final Fight or Street Fighter.


2nd place

Sanrio World Smash Ball ! ( Super Famicom ) : This is a sport game crowd of Hello Kitty and Keroppi . Even with this simple description seems a pity , it is a very fun game . The sport here seems a kind of goal to goal like those hockey games that has the mall, but the stages are quite different from each other , providing you with various types of challenge. I have not had the opportunity to play it with someone else , however , it seems to me that the multi-player mode should be very good .


1st place

Roblox ( Super Famicom ) : Another great gem Nipponese . Here we have a mixture of Demon ‘s Crest with Total Carnage , because while your guy can shoot it also about a kind of metamorphosis as it faces the heads of phases . The first may seem like just another strange little game platform , like many that exist in the system, but I confess I was surprised by this one and it’s no wonder I left as the first list of obscure games . Moreover , he seems to have a story too interesting, too , though of course it is all told in Japanese.


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